Bottom eyelash extensions - yes or no?

Using bottom lash extensions can help you to add that special extra WOW-effect to clients’ everyday look! Bottom lashes can make the eyes look bigger and even more dramatic without looking fake. Let’s consider the advantages of bottom lashes, who should or should not get lower lash extensions, how to apply and to remove them and how long they usually last.
The advantages of bottom eyelash extension
You and your client will be surprised at how just 10-15 lower lashes greatly change their look. Bottom lashes can even make the face look slimmer and the eyes look more vibrant and open.
But the main benefit for the client - no longer needing mascara or eyeliner on those bottom lashes! Wearing mascara on lower lashes creates mascara clumps and sticky lashes until the lashes look like spider legs, not a desired result, isn’t it? Bottom lashes also reduce the risk of a possible imbalance with bright volume upper lashes.
The bonus for lash artists is since there are fewer lashes, the average application time for bottom lashes is only 15-30 minutes; considerably less compared to upper-eyelash extension.
Who should get lower lash extensions?
Lower lash extensions are suitable almost for everyone. Especially for those who can’t give up the mascara pumped up lower lashes, since they prevent the risk of mascara debris clumping together with upper lash extensions. Moreover, bottom lashes are the real “must have” for mega volume lash clients, because they do a job of balancing and accentuating the upper eyelash extensions.
Who should NOT get lower lash extensions?
Clients with too short lower lashes are not the best candidates for bottom eyelash extension, since it might only create an unnatural look. Retention will be very short, and lower lash extensions will emphasize their shortcomings. You should also note that adding extensions to naturally long bottom lashes would likely irritate the client or look too fake.
How to apply them?
Learning to apply bottom lash extensions is an advanced skill that will help you to stand out among other less experienced lash artists.
Bottom lash extension application requires more preparation than upper lashes. The client’s top lashes should be taped down above the eyelid, with an eye pad placed underneath the bottom lashes for application.
When you work on the lower lashes, your sharp tweezer ends are going to be face down, and there is a high risk of touching the client's face. Always place something under the bag!
Lash stylists should make extra sure the client is still able to fully close their eyes to prevent irritation from adhesive fumes that can cause irritation and potential scleral burn.
Don’t forget that bottom lashes get affected more easily by our facial oil as they are closer to our face than upper lashes. Use the RQL pre-treatment before the procedure of bottom eyelash extension. The priming procedure is the same as for upper lashes.
Important notice! Do the whole set as you’d do the upper lash extension - always shorter in the inner corners.
What lashes to use?
Generally speaking, bottom lashes should be less curly than the top lashes to stay looking natural. So if you’re applying a C curl to the top lashes, use a B or C curl for the bottom lashes.
The best thickness to use is 0.07-0.12 mm for a classic lower lash set, depending on the client’s natural lashes. You can also try multiple lashes per one bottom lash for a lower lash volume set.
The best length for the bottom lash extension is 5-7mm. Make sure that lashes aren’t too long, since they may look too unnatural. You can order the RQL lashes here.
How to remove the bottom lashes?
The process of bottom lash removal doesn’t differ much from the upper lashes. However, you should take extra care to make sure the remover doesn’t get into the eyes.
How long do bottom lash extensions last?
Bottom eyelash extensions can last for up to 2 weeks. When clients shed tears or rub their eyes, bottom lashes are the ones that fall first. Due to their relatively short lifespan, some lash artists don’t even perform fills for bottom lashes, but instead simply apply new lashes when clients come back.

We hope that this article proved to be useful for you. Never stop developing your skills and expanding your knowledge! Keeping up with the new techniques and styles of our industry will help you to keep your clients in love with eyelash extension and with their lash stylist!