Perfect Inner and Outer corners

The difference between just quality work and really perfect one is in corners!
This post is about inner and outer corners, typical mistakes and how you can avoid them!

Inner corners

1. Filling
✖️ Lashes are glued only to "convenient" ones.
✔️ Extend absolutely every lash, even the smallest and invisible.

2. Length
✖️ Use lashes which are longer than 7mm
✔️ Use lashes between 5-7mm. Such lengths allow to make inner corners natural-looking and inner lashes won't disturb clients anymore. Also, it helps to prevent a mess in direction of lashes (they're more likely to 'dance' in different sides when they're long). Don't forget that we have a special mix with short lengths in black and brown colors.

3. Curl
✖️ Use other curls but soft
✔️: In inner corners you should use only C curl. Otherwise, they can look messy and bother the client.

4. Volume
✖️ The same in every place
✔️ Even if you have Russian Queen volume, in inner corners you should always reduce it. Otherwise, the beginning will be too sharp and clients can feel lashes.

5. Distance between lash and eyelid
✖️ Too big
✔️ Distance in inner corners is large because of difficulties with reaching it. Even the smallest length will look much bigger if you add 2-3mm distance. To make distance equal everywhere, try to pull and fix eyelid in order to see where the lashes are growing from.

Outer corners

✖ The most common mistake is using the longest lashes for the outer corner.
Even if the natural lashes in outer corners have the same length as lashes at the main part, it looks awkward, the feeling of completeness disappears, and lashes at the outer corners droop, making the eyes look like downturned.

✔ So, the last eyelashes, regardless of the effect, should be shorter than the main length is. E.g. for a Squirrel effect if I start with 5mm in inner corners and use 11mm as the longest length, I'll end my work with 8mm or 6-7mm if I want to make the effect look sharper.

Also it's necessary to set the correct direction, at least 45°, but I prefer to turn them at almost 90°, that makes the eyes look bigger, and creates a nice outer sweep.

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