We are responsible for the quality of our products. All our products are hand-tested before they are shipped to you. Still, there is a possibility of a human error, so we're always ready to fix the situation as soon as we can.


  • Lack of one or more strip
  • More than 10% of "corkscrew" or short lashes (that fall off the fan) or damaged lashes
  • Lashes falling off the strip because of the drying of the lash strip sticky part


    • Too dense, viscous consistency
    • Expired shelf life
    • Torn packaging


    • More than 5% of covering is scraped off
    • Для пинцетов в категории "От 5D" ширина поверхности захвата менее 3.5 мм
    • Для пинцетов в категории "1-4D" ширина поверхности захвата менее 1.5 мм


    • Expired shelf life
    • Torn packaging

    • Dried up hydrogel (happens in case of non-compliance with shipping or storage conditions)
    • Expired shelf life
    • Torn packaging


    • Different grabbing zone place
    Grabbing zone (work zone) of tweezers may be placed in different parts of tweezers legs: at the tips, in the middle, or closer to a handle. All tweezers are hand-made, so even tweezers of one type from the same consignment may vary in grabbing zone places!

    The "sweet spot" location

    Closer to the tips

    In the middle

    Further to the tweezer's body
      • Precise grip
      Tweezers of different manufacturers are often made of various metals which directly influences the effort you make when grabbing a fan. All RQLashes tweezers are made of high-quality Japanese steel which has optimal weight and softness. Your work becomes very comfortable because you can feel and control the tweezers. You don't need to press the tweezers too much and your hands don't get tired while working.

      That's why with a very soft pressing, tweezers grip doesn't occur at all but with a too strong pressing, the grip places at the tips only. This doesn't change the tweezers functions! Tweezers grip will be precise anyway and the grabbing zone will be wide enough to grab the desired fans.

      Clenching without any effort
      Clenching with a little effort
        Quality of our products is confirmed by many positive reviews of our clients. We hand test our products before shipping so you can be sure that you buy goods without defects!

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