Professional Burnout: How To Keep Loving Your Job

Every mature person faced the first symptoms of a burnout at least once. Some people may currently be suffering from this affliction and may confront it poorly.

Let's us see what the syndrome is about, what helps to detect it and how to face this alarming state of mind.

"When the bell tolls"

Occupational burnout (or simply burnout) is thought to comprise emotional exhaustion, physical fatigue, and cognitive weariness. The primary signals are exhaustion resulting from work's excessive demands, apathy. The situation may aggravate and result in lack of sleep, excessive drinking, and caffeine/nicotine abuse, quickness to anger, and lowering of immune systems. In other words, when it's too bad, psychosomatic gives rise to sickness. The top health-related problems that the "burnt-out" will have are stomach disorders, skin damage, and a constant cold.

The risk groups are:

  • Workaholics;
  • People working not where they belong to (wrong occupation/position);
  • Specialists- overstayers (who fail to climb the career ladder for some reason);
  • Altruistic servants (doctors, teachers, firemen, community workers etc.);
  • Service sector members and those interacting with people on a regular basis;

The employees working for beauty salons fall under the last category, and, hence, their burnout potential is high. Especially it is during the busy seasons when everyone, from a cleaner to top-managers, is up to their ears in work and constantly deal with people.

What can be done?

Keeping up with the modern lifestyle, we try to ignore feeling tired and demonstrate endless working capacity and productivity. That's how this world works and what's valued on it! It basically means that we're getting used to the first stage sing of burnout and we tend to treat this emotional state as a new normal. You keep saying to yourself: "just a couple of this left and I'm done, I'll break free ". Workaholics will take up some new responsibilities and fit it into their demanding schedule to rule out any gateway and see all the affairs through.

That's a totally wrong approach! 'Cause when you put yourself in charge of too many things, retaining your productivity at the same time equals to attempts to lose weight when having doughnuts every night. Lack of enthusiasm and apathy will remain even if you get interested in what you do because those are the signals, delivered by your organism craving for rest and a change of scene.

First Aid

If you notice the initial symptoms of the disease, the last thing to do, as paradoxical it might seem, is to motivate yourself more. Probably, the problem is not that you don't wanna work but that you need to feel energetic and ready for work before you've even started. In such a case, it's crucial to hold on and create the needed attitude. How can we do that when days-off or holidays are still yet to come and long breaks do not fit into your schedule?

When possible, take short breaks and focus on your breathing, try to feel your anger without suppressing it. After that, continue your routine business simultaneously with the feeling. Usually, disturbing emotions disappear very fast.
Getting used to endless work, people start feeling some kind of a guilt when relaxing and resting. Break this disastrous habit! Come to understanding or, if it's necessary, make yourself understand that, without true recovery, you won't be working well enough. Your desire to throw yourself onto the bed for the entire day is as fundamental as the desire to work after a good rest. The body knows best when to stop and when to start.

To adjust your biological clock to your working lifestyle, take some useful and healthy habits. You're bound to feel better if follow the recommendations precisely.

  • Take care of your physical health. Sleep yourself out, do some sports, drink enough water and eat healthy, especially when your organism is asking for it.
  • Learn to meditate to reduce stress and find composure. Start with simple things. Sit in a comfortable position, try to focus on your breathing and only your breathing. You are a beginner, and meditation takes practice. Just make an effort to refocus your mind on your breathing and try to think of nothing else. With practice, you'll be able to achieve a sense of tranquility and peace no matter what's going on around you.
  • Dedicate enough time to relaxing. Rejecting breaks, substituting your personal time with work, shortened vacation - all this is a road to exhaustion.
  • Change the environment and take breaks daily. Nothing extraordinary - just go out and take a walk. Leave your phone, if you smoke then don't. Just go outside and breath without thinking. Not much time is needed to recover.
  • P.T. breaks like at school. Back then your classes used to be interrupted by a short break with some simple physical activity. This trivial and very healthy procedure will help to cheer up and feel good if proper exercises are chosen. Relax muscled and organs which are tight during the work, and tighten up those which are passive.
  • Activate psychology. When leaving your workplace, put everything in order, praise yourself for doing what you've managed to do during the day and if anything remains not done, say to yourself that you'll definitely see it through after a good sleep.
  • Divide working and personal time. Thinking shop at home and focusing on something else than your job at work is a trap which sends you away from the effective business dealing and sets you in a constant state of nervousness.
  • Consult a doctor or psychologist if you clearly see that you cannot handle it by yourself. Forget stupid stereotypes, we all need some specialist's help from time to time. Your mental health determines your well-being.

Follow these recommendations throughout your whole life. Impossible? Quite the opposite. You will develop some good habits which will prevent you from getting sick and tired of your work and provide you with pretty outstanding productivity even if it's really tough.
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