Volume Fans Issues: Tips For Fixing

In my trainer' experience, I've noticed these the most common students' mistakes:

  • You're fed up with volume lashing because you've tried all the existing techniques and still haven't achieved any appropriate result.

    Please, keep calm and choose only one technique, which is the most comfortable for you (or just the first you've met), and master it! After repeating the same action over and over, you will get ideal fans much faster whether you will try to change the technique from time to time.

  • You're trying hard, but your tweezers don't grip well enough to pick up the fans.

    The solution is obvious. Spend some time on the search for your tweezers' best "pinch area". And don't forget to check your volume tweezers before every client to ensure there's no glue dried up inside.

  • You got a good fan, but it closed directly after placing it on the natural lash.

    Do it more slowly and control that your glue started to polymerize. Or if you have to do it too long, then you should speed up polymerization, so choose faster glue, turn on a humidifier. Also, this problem may arise because you dip your fan base into the adhesive too far, remember that 1⁄2 mm of glue at the very bottom of the fan is enough.

And how should the perfect fan look like?

1. Opening.
The more lashes in fan you have, the bigger the opening of it should be, but less than 5mm between 2 side lashes (in case of 2D fan it should be less than 3mm). If fans are too opened, then the direction start ruining and lashes become messy, even if you do everything exactly as in lashmap.

2. Symmetry
No secret that an ideal fan must be symmetrical, so the distance between each extension should be absolutely equal, nevertheless how many lashes in fan you have. If you don't follow this rule, fans become crooked and can twist and bend over because of the uneven distribution of its mass.

3. The leg of a fan
Firstly, it should be thin. Secondly, the length of leg should be about 1/4 of lash' length (e.g. If a fan is 12mm, the leg of it should be about 3mm). If a leg is longer you can scoop too much glue with it, and the whole work will look less fluffy, but if its too small then fan become too wide and its difficult to attach it to the natural lash properly.
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