How to avoid allergic reactions

Allergies, also known as allergic diseases, are a number of conditions caused by hypersensitivity of the immune system to some substances, causing different reactions as red eyes, an itchy rash, runny nose, shortness of breath, or swelling. This hypersensitivity also means that our organism reacts negatively on something in the environment that usually causes little or no problem in most people.

The allergic reaction may be caused by different types of contacts with the allergen: that may be the contact via airway or even the direct contact of the allergen with the skin.

The allergy is quite "young" illness which is known in our world only from the beginning of the 20th century. The term "allergy" was used for the first time by an Austrian scientist Clemens von Pirquet in 1906. That's why nowadays allergic reactions are still not fully examined by the specialists and we don't have enough information about its' origins and the ways of treatment. All the modern medicine have the only effect – they just block the symptoms, moreover, the regular use may cause digestive system problems, that's why even nowadays the most effective way to combat allergies is to see off the main problem – the allergen itself.
So, what is the main cause of allergy lash stylists are suffering from?

The reactions of the human body is unpredictable and all the materials and substances we use can provoke the allergic reaction: from primers to eyepatches. Of course, these cases are rare (less than 1%) ; however, the most dangerous allergen in lashing is the glue. The main element of the glue for lash extension is cyanoacrylate (90-98%). This isa caustic agent with very strong and unpleasant smell resulting from the fumes sent off by cyanoacrylate. This smell lash stylists pick up during their work and the fumes causes allergic reactions. Cyanoacrylate allergy symptoms are similar to the symptoms of the flue: nasal stuffiness, red and watery eyes can make you believe that you have simple flue or cold.

Unfortunately, even the people who are not allergy predisposed can obtain it while working with cyanoacrylate. This phenomenon is called the cumulative allergy effect and it can appear at any moment and nobody can predict this state. So, lash stylist would better minimize the contacts with glue fumes to escape the consequences. Even if you feel good while working with glue and don't suffer from any allergic reactions, I strongly recommend you to use the tips stated below in order to protect yourself.

There are a lot of ways to air filtration and cleaning:

  • Blocking masks with different filters which protect our respiration organs from dust, gazes, fumes and aerosols;

  • Bactericidal lamps: they are used to disinfect air, surfaces, water, medical tool etc. These lamps also neutralize a great part of microbes and other dangerous microorganisms;

  • Humidifiers that not only increases moisture in the room but also eliminate little dust particles;

  • Room filters: electrostatic filter (catches dust, fumes and pollen), photocatalytic filter (disinfect air and destroy microbes, fumes, gazes and other dangerous substances), NERA-filter (catches the least particles and are highly recommended for the people with allergic reaction.

Please, notice that these devices are intended to protect us from various allergens BUT they don't have any influence on cyanoacrylate fumes .

Those who work with glues should keep in mind that the best way to protect yourself from fumes is to provide good air ventilation system. The best idea is to choose mechanical exhaust system of ventilation arranged above the lash stylist's working place. Air ventilation experts can calculate the best dimensions of the ventilation specially for your working place. Also I'd recommend to place the glue plate as far from your face as you can. And for the same reason it's better not to use a glue ring to avoid inhaling the glue fumes.

Cyanoacrylate has other particular features one of which we can also use to fight with its' fumes: this substance polymerizes in contact with water. Here comes the easiest and the cheapest way to protect yourself from the fumes: just use simple water-wet medical mask or put some wet tissue between the mask and the face. This way, you will create a sort of barrier which will block the glue fumes and won't them reach respiration organs.
Please, keep in mind, that you may use all the tips stated above to prevent the all the other allergic reactions in lashing. And of course, keep the working place clean and be healthy!

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