Premade fans: pros and cons
How can lash artists increase their profit? There are several options. The first one is to buy cheaper materials and lower the quality of work. Not a good idea, isn't it?

The second option is to attract more clients using various sources, for example, social media. Wanna know how to promote your Instagram for free? Read here!

Another way to increase your income is to reduce the procedure time to have more clients per day. Many lash artists think that premade fans will help them. But are they really so effective? In this article, we have collected all the advantages and disadvantages of using premade fans so that it is easy for you to make a choice: is it worth or not.
Example of premade fans by FadLAsh
Premade fans are those that you have formed before the procedure or fans created by the manufacturer to be dipped and placed on a client's lash.

What do the manufacturers of such fans usually promise? Saving time and energy as you can simply take a fan and apply it on the client's natural eyelash. But is it really that effective? Let's figure it out!
Disadvantages of premade fans

Let's start with the most significant one - a thick base of the fan. The premade fans have been glued at the factory, and then you need to dip the fan into the glue again during the procedure. The fan base becomes thick and heavy, which leads to twisting and stickies.

The second drawback is the need for a large number of lash trays. Often, lash artists need to mix different lengths and volumes during the procedure. In this case, you need to have trays with 2D, 3D, 4D premade fans, with different lengths and thicknesses... It is important to consider that there are not so many fans in a lash tray, and the price for them is usually higher than for regular eyelash extensions. Therefore, using premade fans is much more expensive and you should adapt your price list!

There are also some difficulties with the amount of fans. How will you calculate how many fans you'll need during the procedure? What thickness and lengths will you need? Of course, you can discuss the effect with your clients in advance. But what will you do if your clients change their decision and wanna choose, for example, doll instead of cat effect? Your premade fans, which took so much time before the appointment (if you made them by yourself), will turn out to be useless.
To sum up

It's OK, if forming a fan takes you a lot of time. The best way to reduce this time is to practice a lot and learn from experienced professionals. Try our online course on creating fans and choosing the correct tweezers for volume extension for lash stylists by Marina L "Your Ideal volume fan".

  • 8 fan-forming techniques for both hand-making and working from the lash strip
  • What types of effects you can achieve with different types of fans?
  • What should an ideal fan look like?
  • Where to grab the fan when picking up?
  • What to do if while picking up a fan from lash strip its legs suddenly disconnect?
  • What to do if fans collapse while attaching them to the eyelash?
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  • How to hold a tweezer correctly?
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