your own lash studio:
pros and cons
Many experienced masters sooner or later face the question: work from home, get a job in a beauty salon or open your lash studio. And the trick is that there is no right answer. Everyone chooses the option that is closer to him.
    Let's start with the advantages of your own lash studio:
    • The freedom of action
      You are independent in making decisions: from the design of the premises to pricing. No one will impose on you an uncomfortable schedule or an ugly uniform.
    • Unlimited income
      Your income doesn't depend on the number of hours of YOUR work. When you work at home or for hire, you get paid in proportion to the number of procedures done. But when you have a team of lash makers, you can increase your income without sitting at the couch. The more clients, the more masters you hire. And the more you earn.
    • Self-realization and creativity
      In your lash studio, you can create a special place for yourself and others with your values and atmosphere. You will be able to introduce new ideas, expand the circle of communication and lead the team. If you always felt in yourself this spark and the desire to have YOUR business, then this is your option.
    Of course, there are some disadvantages to your lash studio. Although, I would call them difficulties that are inherent in any business:
    • 1
      A lot of work
      At the very beginning, you will most likely have to do everything yourself: register clients on procedures, keep the studio social networks, purchase materials, maintain accounting and keep salon in cleanliness.
    • 2
      Costs will rise too
      Your expenses will increase at times: taxes on doing business, renting a room, salaries for lash techs, materials for all of them and other small expenses.
    • 3
      Responsibility for the work of the entire lash studio
      Now you should be responsible not only for the quality of your work but also for your lash stylists. After all, one poorly done lash extension can ruin the impression of the entire studio.
    But not everything is so sad! Delegation of current responsibilities to the administrator, a willingness to work hard and a true love for your business will help to avoid many problems. Yes, just sitting back and counting money will not work. But maybe it's for the better! :)