content plan
for your social media
Branding is not just about looks. Branding yourself on social media also relates to the type of content you're sharing. Be strategic in what you share so as to be consistent with the brand you're creating. There are some ideas that you can use for creating posts on your social accounts.

  1. Some facts about yourself
    I'm sure you've noticed that it's one of the most interesting type of content, because everyone is curious to know what kind of person hides behind the login. Also, more and more people trust brands with a human face, so it's time to snap a selfie and tell the world about yourself some facts.
  2. Share some lifehack
    Do you know how to simplify the life of a lash-stylist with the help of some obvious trick? Share it with colleagues, they definitely will appreciate it!
  3. Trends in the lash industry
    Have you noticed some features that becoming more and more popular? Or maybe you've seen that the stylists at the latest fashion shows began to focus on eyelashes? Tell your followers about your findings, so they know that you are following the industry
  4. FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
    Such posts can be repeated endlessly, and you still will get these typical questions. BUT 2 times more rarely! Just collect all the most popular questions from your messengers, remember what your clients ask before/after the procedure, and answer to all of them them in one post.
  5. Reviews
    For potential new customers, the possibility to read some real feedback and check the portfolio with your works are the main criteria for making a decision. Try to highlight reviews on your page to make them somehow noticeable.
  6. Your success story
    Don't be shy, in personal promotion it's very important to show all your achievements to the audience. So make a post about why you are so cool, where you've studied, what competitions you took part in, why your customers choose you and etc!
  7. Share your knowledge
    Don't think that by talking about techniques or some tips of working with materials, you will create your own competitors. Not at all, because no one can steal your talent! But you will create the audience that will trust you and want to visit your courses in future!
  8. Overview of the materials
    Show what brand of materials do you use. Other lash stylists are always interested in the colleague's experience of working with different products, while customers will be able to make sure that if you do not hide any info, then you choose only the best ones!
  9. Negative experience
    Another format that is always interesting! Success is impossible without some fails, all the people make mistakes from time to time. The main thing is to recognize and solve them. Don't be afraid of sharing this story with your followers, the main thing is to show that you were able to solve this situation, and it finished with a happy end!
  10. How you got started
    To get closer to your audience, tell them your story about how you came to the beauty industry. What attracted you, whether your expectations were true, what are your plans for future.
Hope, that this content plan will help you to make your social media more interesting, so your page will be not only beautiful but also can solve global strategic problems of your business.
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