1. Target group

The wrong defined Target Group or the one undefined at all. Who are your customers? Are they students or business ladies? Mummies or careerists? You must have a separate advertisement or a promotional offer for every segment of your Target Group. Don't try to save money and make one common advertising for everyone - it will never bring to you the results you need. It will be more fruitful to make several advertisements than using a cannon to kill a fly.

2. Advertising placement.

This point can be perceived regarding to the first one. The main thing in advertising is providing the very people you need with an opportunity to hear you clearly.

A premium-class salon has no need in being advertised in the cheap stores, while the modern salon for the youth shouldn't spend money on advertising in the business-centers. Nevertheless, it is very simple to define a suitable placement for your advertising after you are done with the first point - once you realize who your Target Group consists of, you will always understand what living environment you need to use for your advertising.

3. UTP

You must differ from others! Do not imitate anyone, just start with the fact that you are unique! You have to work out your own UTP - a unique trade proposal, which will be your personal characteristic among your Competitors.

Let's imagine you are going to work in the premium segment - then what are the key points you should focus on?

No doubt, the main thing is customer service quality! Make sure that your specialists are always friendly and nice, wearing makeup and neat hairdos, while your salon is clean and tidy with the light music playing around. Moreover, you could offer your customers a glass of champagne! I bet they will appreciate your gesture.

4. Positioning

So, you are going to take your place in the certain segment, most likely, it's the one above average or a premium one. You have launched advertising, but somehow rich people don't come to your salon, while most of your customers happen to be students who can't afford your services. How could it happen? You have probably presented yourself and your salon in a wrong way. Have you properly thought all the details through, created a professional logo, business cards, flyers? Do the interior and quality of services your salon offers are suitable for the premium class? It often happens that having defined the desired Target Group and having chosen the right advertising message and environment for it, you still go on working in inappropriate conditions which are not suitable for your desired TG, and as a result, the customers either deployed right at the entrance or after all stay dissatisfied with the quality of service which means they will leave the negative feedback on your salon in the whole.

5. No advertising at all.

There are some salons which are currently satisfied with the number of their customers. Nevertheless, it is vital to realize that this is not forever. Furthermore, everyone wants to develop and make more money. More customers need more hired specialists and bring more income. Even if you are really very popular - the people who just moved into the block/city/region still don't know you yet. There is always a chance that your competitors will suddenly improve their level of service and launch a loyalty program, and your constant customers will shamelessly leave your salon with nothing. One more thing which may happen - one of your employees leaves and takes a number of customers with her (by the way, there is a very simple and effective way to avoid it, but let's imagine you have no idea about it yet). As far as this article is concerned — advertising is always necessary for everyone! It's better doing it regularly through different channels and analyze the returns, which will let you optimize your costs and step by step move towards the maximum feedback at the possibly lowest price!

Learn the "pain" of your customer and use this knowledge for your advertising.

The most important thing you must start with when thinking of any advertising - indicate your Target Group and work with its "pain": their problems which may be solved with your products or services in a direct or indirect way.

Well, here is a little secret: your clients don't come to you for getting an eyelash extension treatment.

They want you to solve their problems, to eliminate their "pain".

Let's take under consideration the fact that your Target Group includes mothers with a 3-year old child/children and younger. What are her "pains" and how can you use them in your salon's positioning process?

  • She has little time for herself, because the children at this age begin crawling and walking non-stop, dragging everything they manage to find into their mouth. Therefore, you've got two "pains" of her: she is eager to leave home for a couple of hours and to have some rest from her role of mother and the whole life.

    The advertising message example: "We bet you're tired of sleepless nights aside your beloved child? Come and get eyelashes! You will get absolutely relaxed listening to the light music while we are making volume eyelashes for you".
  • She worries that her husband will start cheating on her, because it seems to her that she no more looks like the year before - she needs to realize that she is not only a good mother, but also still an attractive woman for her husband.

    The advertising message example: "Your child doesn't give you a chance to sleep? After you get eyelashes in our salon, your husband won't".
  • She suffers from the lack of communication and bright impressions, because she spends her time with her child at home or walking along with the moms like herself - she wants to get new emotions and just chat about nothing.

    The advertising message example: "we don't only provide you with a professional eyelash extension treatment, but also with a comfortable погружение into a 100% girlish atmosphere where you may always chat about this or that and have a great time!"

What also matters — you should choose the appropriate websites for these kinds of advertising messages, as well as: social media profiles and groups for young Mothers, children's centers, cuisine blogs. The feedback you'll get from this kind of advertising will definitely exceed the one you would just aim to all the females from 21 to 35 years old.

We have thoroughly examined only one example of your Target Group portrait. Your audience may be different and have several separated interests and other pains - the most important thing you are able to do — communicate more with your customers, and they will be glad to share with you their "pains" as detailed as it's possible.

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