Setting up your lashroom:
Lightning & plumbing
Opening your business is hard work that requires lots of preparation. It can be rather mundane or even straightforward boring, but it needs to be done, there is no way around that. So today we're gonna talk about essentials: lightning and plumbing your space! They're both extremely important since they will determine your employees' efficiency and how comfortable it will be for them to work.


Lightning is one of the most important parts of setting up your salon space. If you don't have much natural light, you'll need lots of electrical illumination. Obviously, it's better to have a space with many windows, since this way you'll get a lot of daylight that will brighten up and soften the atmosphere, making your space more pleasant and calm. Also, it's lets you save some money on artificial lighting.

Although, you will need electrical light anyway. And one of the most important reasons for it is your workstations — they must all have great lightning, preferably from different sources with various levels of brightness so you and your lash techs can always clearly see what you're doing and how the lashes look. Don't forget that in both open spaced and secluded rooms there should not be any loose wiring of any kind so nobody trips on it. Moreover, it simply looks bad.

Don't try to save money here! You have to invest in your lightning to have the best setup possible. Also, don't forget about chairs and tables, they are also worth spending more money at. Pick chairs and tables that are comfortable for both you and your customers. When sitting down, your knees should be lower than your hips and the table should reach your breastbone.

Some retail spaces already have overhead fluorescent lights that are included in the price, which is great and can almost always be used as your primary source of overall lightning. But you'll need additional anyway, for the aforementioned workstations and possibly for the reception area as well. You can decorate it beautifully with different types of lights — chandeliers, sconces or futuristic lamps, whatever suits your design, sense of style and budget. Dimly lit areas are always a bit depressing, so make sure to not put your customers in that mood from the very moment they enter your salon.

We recommend hiring a professional planner who specializes in design for your type of space. This way you'll be sure that everything is done how it should be and you haven't missed anything. Great thing is that many vendors offer that service if you purchase equipment from them, and it's either free or very low-price. So there's no reason to skip this step!


Plumbing is extremely important for every beauty space, for a lashroom as well. Your techs will need to be able to conveniently sanitize, rinse and wash their tools whenever they need to do so, which means at least after each appointment.

If you're in an open space that's not too big, one sink might be enough, although we recommend having at least two. If you have secluded rooms, it's better to provide a private sink for each workstation, this way your techs won't have to leave their customers to get the cleaning done, and the "community" sink won't get crowded.

Make sure all your sinks are spacious enough to fit towels, soaps and required cleaning supplies, consider having a storage area to put all of the items there.

Once again, hiring a professional to help you with planning everything out is highly recommended. Make sure to let them know what you need in great detail and they will take care of the rest!
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