This is the main rule that I promote in my classes. The lash extension can be natural or dramatic, with short or long lashes. The most important thing is that it should be harmless. But even if you do everything according to the rules, you may face an angry client with the medical certificate about a chemical burn.
    How could this happen?
    ❌ The client's eyes opened during the procedure because she fell asleep and woke up, heard a phone ring, talked. In this case, the glue fumes could really get into the eye and cause a chemical burn. It also happens that the client's eye just doesn't physically close completely. Then with the help of a thin strip of adhesive tape, you need to close it.
    ❌ Because of the contact with the eye, the patch may damage, cut, and rub on the mucous membrane. Also, if a tear gets on the patch, the gel from it may swell and begin to touch the eye, this can cause redness.
    ❌ One of the liquids got into the client's eye. When working with a remover, pre-treatment, primer, it is important to ensure that not a single drop gets on the mucous membrane.
    So we figured out the reason. What to do next?

    In fact, there is no right answer. It all depends on the degree of client adequacy and the harm done.
      If a client behaves very aggressively and demands a refund, it may be worth it. Even if you are confident in the correctness of your actions. This is better than wasting your nerves on sorting out your relationships and trials later.
      If the client is adequate, then you can offer to remove lashes (if she or he has an allergy or the extension technology was violated), do the next extension for free, return a part of the money or the entire sum, pay for treatment. In this case, you should decide based on how severe the damage was.
      It's also important to transmit to the client that redness from irritation by fumes disappears on their own in a few days.
      In any case, don't allow conflict to arise. Make it clear that you're also worried and you want to solve the problem.
      And, of course, never forget the "Don't harm" rule. If you have doubts about whether the client has contraindications for the lash extension, don't risk her or your health and don't render a service. She will then say "Thank you" for that :)