Eyelash extension summer aftercare tips
Wearing mascara in summer sounds like a punishment, doesn't it? It's pretty impossible to run around in the hot season and not to sweat. That's why eyelash extensions can be a perfect solution for those who wanna look perfectly even when the temperature outside is crazy.

However, it's important to explain to your clients that their lashes require a new level of maintenance in the summer heat. In this article you can find a few extension tips that you must mention:
Lash growth

Hair and lashes both grow more quickly during the summer. Don't forget to warn your clients that it's OK to shed around 3-4 lashes per day and this number may double in the summer! So if they wanna keep their lash looking fabulous, more frequent lash appointments are necessary.


Whether it's hot weather or just a hair dryer, your clients should always keep their lash extensions out of intense heat as it can be damaging to them. Direct heat may ruin the curl or even singe the lashes.
Swimming with lash extensions

In summers you definitely get this question all the time: "Can I swim and dive with lash extensions?" Well, the short answer is YES! However, both chlorine and saltwater can affect lash glue. So, you should recommend using goggles and rinsing lashes with fresh water after swimming and then patting them dry to remove excess water. Don't forget to mention that all movements should be gentle, without rubbing the lashes.

Using sunscreen is an absolute must, especially in the summer! However, many sunscreens contain oils that can lead to excessive lash shedding. You should remind your clients to take extra care when applying SPF by avoiding the eye area and allowing it to fully soak in. And if they are fond of using spray-tanning, advise them to avoid their face or using goggles to protect lashes.
Don't forget about the basics!

Many summer activities can lead to increased dirt and debris collecting in lashes. Always tell your clients about the importance of cleaning their lashes regularly. The lack of regular care for eyelash extensions causes the collection of dead skin cells, make-up residues, and the buildup of sebum. It may lead to the declining health of natural eyelashes, their slower regrowth, and even the infection called "blepharitis". The most convenient way is to use a foam cleanser. Your clients can prepare it at home by mixing water and baby hypoallergenic shampoo in a ratio of 1 to 5, then they should apply a thick layer on the eyelashes and rinse them thoroughly.
Of course it will be difficult for your clients to remember all the recommendations. And something may be forgotten. We've got a ready-made solution!
Click here to download an eyelash extension aftercare for your clients. You can glue the instruction with the help of sticky tape to the bottom of the tray and present it to your client with a lash brush inside the box!

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