How to make an ideal lash salon? Important Customer Skills Every Lash artist needs.
What influences a client's choice of a specific lash artist or a specific lash studio? Of course, the quality of the services provided, reviews of a lash artist/a studio, their social media, price list, and much more. In this article, we will analyze another important factor — service.

How to make clients 100% satisfied with their visit to your lash studio and make them recommend you to all their friends? Are there any life hacks on how to create the most comfortable atmosphere for clients? Let's figure it out!
Convenient online booking
A good service should start even before your client comes to your lash studio. Many companies still talk with customers only by phone or WhatsApp. It's an outdated way as it is problematic to track regular customers and analyze work efficiency.

Best Booking Apps:
  • Booker (A cloud-based booking solution that provides businesses in the cosmetics and wellness industries such as spas and beauty salons, tools to help them manage booking, billing, and payment processes. cooperation with customers and marketing activities. Key features include an integrated scheduler, social reservation, point of sale (POS) integration, email marketing, customer surveys, and more.)
  • (Easy online scheduling both from client and admin interface.
    Increase your visibility online by having a high-quality booking site as your own website. Send automatic reminders to clients before service and after service to tell them about proper after-treatment when extensions are done.
    Create a gallery with photos of happy clients to show your future clients your skills and potential.)
  • Timely (Users can remotely run their appointments, generate reports, and send notifications and reminders. Features include calendar management, allowing users to pre-book or reschedule appointments, initiate group and class bookings, manage recurring bookings, and add multiple activities to a single booking.)

All these services also allow you to create so-called "Customer Cards" where you can write down all the detailed information about the procedure (what effect you made, volume, thickness, and length of eyelashes used), as well as details about clients. For example, what they do, the latest funny story they told and even the color of shoes they're gonna buy! On the next visit, they will be very pleased to hear from you: "Well, did you find the perfect red shoes for your friend's wedding?" This will help you set a positive tone for the conversation and bring the client even more pleasure from the extension procedure!
Proper organization of the workspace
Remember to air out your lash room regularly. Your well-being, mood, and performance depend also on the cleanliness and freshness of the air in your room. (And of course, the comfort of a client). You should avoid strong smells. No matter how delicious your perfume is (even if it's Chanel №5), not all your clients would like it. Also, don't forget that cleanliness and order are not only about the absence of dust and dirt. Your lash room may be sterile, but if lash products lay chaotically and there is something on all surfaces around, the impression of a clean room is failed. It's impossible to tell how lash artist's workplace should look like in just two sentences, so we've prepared the article on this topic. Read how an ideal lash stylist's room should look like here.
No shoe covers!
It isn't very hard to refuse shoe covers: they don't properly protect shoes from bacteria and viruses, they rip quickly and can leak water. In especially dirty seasons, some salons ask customers to put on several pairs of shoe covers so that they don't break and don't leak. So crazy, isn't it?

What can replace non-ecological and uncomfortable shoe covers? The first option is to organize high-quality cleaning. You can use a shoe shine machine. It doesn't take up much space, but it will provide quick and effective cleaning of the client's shoes. The average price of such a machine is about $100.

VIATTO shoe shine machine
The second option is to give clients disposable socks. They won't rustle as shoe covers and will allow a client not to lie in shoes for several hours. The average price is $5 for 50 pairs.
Disposable socks from ALIEXPRESS
Another (and perhaps the best) option is to give a client slippers. You can find many different options on many trading platforms like ALIEXPRESS.
Some of them:
Thick Platform Slippers from ALIEXPRESS
Slippers from ALIEXPRESS
If clients arrive a little earlier than their appointment, and you need a little rest, offer them a snack. Coffee, tea, water, candy, and sugar- and gluten-free snacks, for example. The eyelash extension procedure takes about 2 hours, so it is better to spend a few minutes with a cup of tea and tune in to a pleasant pastime.

IMPORTANT: don't use ugly white plastic cups for cold drinks. They look very cheap and unaesthetic. You can buy stylish disposable cups for a small price. You might think that this is a trifle, but your client's impression is formed from such trifles.
Disposable cups from ALIEXPRESS
$1.1 for 50 cups
Disposable cups from ALIEXPRESS
$1.7 for 50 cups
Show everything personally
When talking with a client, you should avoid directives like "wardrobe is over there", "coffee machine is here", etc. It will be much better if you personally show them what they may need. In this case, your client will feel like a welcome guest in the salon.
Ability to recognize mood and emotions of a client
Now we will talk about the so-called emotional intelligence (yes, a lash artist should be a good psychologist). It's the ability to be aware of your emotions, to manage them, and to recognize the emotional condition of people around you. Developed emotional intelligence allows you not to succumb to destructive feelings, not to enter into conflicts, and not to take on negativity (so useful for all the lash artists, isn't it?)
Remember that every client is different. Some of them need to speak out, so visiting the salon is a kind of therapy for them, while the others prefer to be silent and immersed in their thoughts. A professional lash artist should be able to recognize the client's mood in the first few minutes. How to boost your emotional intelligence? You can start with these books by Daniel Goleman:
Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ
Primal Leadership: Unleashing the Power of Emotional Intelligence
Desire to satisfy your client
In a conversation with a client, you should show your interest in the perfect result! Your clients should see your burning eyes and the desire to make cool eyelashes. Make sure you carefully explored the client's appearance before the procedure in order to choose the appropriate effect. Read more about eyelash extension effects here.
It's a little psychological trick. You should talk not about the properties of a product or about features of a particular procedure ("I know the fox effect will suit you" - this is "I-message"), but about the benefits that a client would get ("With this effect your eyes will look very expressive!" - typical example "you-message"). More examples: "I do not recommend removing eyelash extensions yourself! You must definitely come to the salon!" or "If you want to keep your natural lashes safe, you should come to the salon for a removal." Do you feel the difference? So the client will feel it too.
Call your client by name
The simplest trick that always works. When you meet clients for the first time, ask and write down their names on the client's card. And also all the names of their relatives, friends and even neighbors (of course if the clients told you about them!). In the future, you'll see all the names and won't confuse them. Your clients will feel special!
Show your knowledge unobtrusively
The main thing is the word "unobtrusively". You shouldn't tell the client out of the blue how many cool lash courses you have taken, how many good reviews you have got, and why you are better than other lash artists. Clients will see all the certificates on the walls, reviews - on the website or on Instagram, and they will compare your works with other lash artists by themselves. Proof your skills and your knowledge by doing perfect lashes! Such words of flattery like "no one does lashes better than me" or "all my clients were satisfied after the procedure" can frighten your clients and make them suspicious.
Ask your clients how they're doing
Many clients, especially those who come for the first time, are often embarrassed to say about their discomfort. A simple question "Is everything OK?" or "Do you feel comfortable" can save the situation! But don't ask it too often;)
Take pictures of the result
It's a great way to promote your salon on social media for free! If you make a nice photo zone where clients would take a couple of selfies with new eyelashes, the number of photos on Instagram with your tag will noticeably increase. The main thing is to choose a beautiful background and good light! We recommend buying a special lamp that you can also easily find on ALIEXPRESS. Many of them even let you adjust the warmth of the light to help you (and your clients!) make perfect photos! The average price of a lamp is $15.
A lamp from ALIEXPRESS
Aftercare tips
Clients won't remember all the recommendations you give them in a lash room, so you can give them a lash brush and aftercare tips as a small bonus. Download a free RQL aftercare for your clients here.
Effective loyalty system
You need something unique to attract customers and stand out from the crowd of competitors. For example, a profitable loyalty program.
Let's take a look at several options for a good loyalty program.

1) Discount system
It is important to show your regular customers that you are truly grateful for their dedication and choice of your salon. You can do it, for example, by offering them larger discounts than other customers. The more often a client visits your salon, the bigger is the discount. Such a loyalty program will also show other clients that they can pay less if they are loyal to you.

2)Bonus system
This system differs from the discount system as the discount percentage for the procedure depends on the client's previous purchases. After visiting the salon, a client earns a certain number of bonuses, depending on the cost of the procedure. With these bonuses, they can pay for part of the next procedure.

3) Loyalty Cards
Just like the bonus program, loyalty cards motivate customers to come back to the salon again and again. But in this case, a customer gets a guaranteed large discount that creates the effect of tangible benefit. You can find such systems in coffee shops, for example, "every 5th coffee is free". However, you shouldn't make the fifth or sixth procedure completely free, but, for example, a discount of 10 or 15 percent will strongly motivate a client to do lashes again.
Loyalty cards design ideas:
Source: Pinterest
Source: Pinterest
Feedback after the procedure (ATTENTION, VERY IMPORTANT!)
It's very important to get feedback from your clients after the procedure. You should do it twice: immediately after the appointment and a week later to find out how their lashes are doing. There are special services (Mopinio, Feedier, and others) that allow you to create a questionnaire and conduct a customer survey online. A client only needs to follow the link and fill in the form. You can send a request for feedback with a link to the survey to your customers in an e-mail, in a post on social networks, or in DM. This method will help you collect valuable reviews that will help attract new customers.
Here we've got 15 tips that will help you provide perfect service in your eyelash kingdom, and most importantly, stand out from many competitors. Remember that all these small life hacks individually carry little value, but together they will work out!

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