What makes a perfect volume lash fan?
Being a professional lash artist means always being precise and paying attention to the smallest details. In this article you will find out which volume fans are considered to be flawless and how they influence the final result of the lash treatment.
The criteria of the perfect fan

The very first element of the perfect lash fan is symmetry. The space between every single lash must be equal.
A perfect lash fan
Moreover, you must also control a ratio of ⅓ size between the body and the base of the fan. Don't forget that the base of your fan should be tapered otherwise it will split, not attach properly causing poor retention and stickies
Another key element to the perfect fan is the glue zone at the base of the fan. It includes the 2-3mm section of base that should be dipped into your lash adhesive. Anything less than 2mm can cause retention problems.

What will happen if you use irregular shaped fans? Even if one separate fan may look OK, the final result will disappoint you and your client.
Perfect vs Imperfect fan
When using the perfectly made fans the overall look of the set is much cooler and charming.
One more important aspect — choosing the right thickness of the lashes you use for your fan based on your client's natural lashes!
How to choose the right thickness of eyelash extensions
Follow this rule and do not damage the natural lash by placing heavy and oversized fans.
Wide Fan vs. Narrow Fan

The space between the lashes in a fan will indicate if the fan is narrow, normal or wide.
Narrow vs Wide Fans
If your client loves a light and fluffy look, a wide fan is what you need. However, make sure you've informed your client before the procedure that the lashes would appear shorter and less impactful. When working with wide fans don't leave the stem too short as that will affect retention.

The overall width of the fan should not be wider than 5mm. The fan wider would likely look messy and make the application quite tricky.

Narrow fans are ideal for a more denser look. Keep the stems just long enough to prevent the lashes from looking messy and not uniform.
You need much practice

All in all, perfection comes with practice, so our biggest tip is being patient! How can you practice forming the perfect fans without clients? Try it at home first!

A good way to practice is by using a makeup sponge. With a sponge, it's easy for you to see how well you've attached the lashes, which helps you to become more proficient.
Sponge method
You can even practice your angle of placement. Of course, a sponge doesn't really mimic the eye well, but it's still a better way to practice than using a real live human for it!

Another great way to try out different lashing techniques is practice with a mannequin head! Place the mannequin head on your lash bed, making sure to maintain good posture. Then begin creating your volume fans and applying them to the mannequin head just as you would if she were an actual client.
Mannequin method
We hope that you start practicing your volume lash fan techniques as soon as you read this article:)

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