Makeup with lash extensions
Basic rules
Are you looking for ways to keep your eyelash extension clients happy for as long as possible? Explain in detail all the rules and aftercare tips. In this article, we will talk about wearing makeup with eyelash extensions!
Know the ingredients!

First of all, your client must carefully read the composition of beauty products and use only oil-free ones. Various oils can have a detrimental effect on the glue.
Basic knowledge about the composition of cosmetic products in general helps to determine whether the manufacturer has taken care of the safety of the product or not. There are many services that can show you a detailed composition of any beauty product - for example, INCI Beauty.
Say no to waterproof products!

Think about how much effort the client will have to wash off waterproof mascara and eyeliner. There is a risk that she will rub her eyes heavily, and this is definitely forbidden when having lash extensions.

So, let's move on to the most pressing issue! Of course, using mascara with eyelash extensions is very, very undesirable. Firstly, many of them contain oils, and secondly, applying and removing mascara are unnecessary mechanical actions on the eyelashes, which will reduce their lifespan. But, of course, there will be clients who love using mascara and cannot live without it. Therefore, at the end of the procedure, you should give advice on how to minimize the damage from using mascara.

  1. NOT using a lash curler before makeup as it often damages the eyelashes.
  2. Using soft and fluffy mascara.
  3. The movements of the brush should be smooth and not zigzag, otherwise the eyelashes may fall out.
  4. Applying mascara only to the tips of the eyelashes without touching the roots.
  5. Not using long-lasting eyeshadows and eyeliners that must be washed off with two-phase cleansers.
How to wash off makeup without harming eyelash extensions?

You should inform your client about:

  1. Removing makeup without hydrophilic oils, two-phase products with an oil base, as well as micellar water with oils.
  2. Do not forget to ask your clients not to rub their eyes and wash off the cosmetics slowly.
  3. After using makeup remover, your clients should wait a couple of minutes until their lashes are completely dry. Then they need to brush them! Remind the clients that using a mascara brush for this purpose is inappropriate, it has hard teeth that can pull out eyelash extensions.
    You can give a client a special brush for eyelash extensions as a gift after the procedure!
Of course, a client won't remember all your recommendations after leaving the lash room. We have a ready-made solution! Printed aftercare tips for your clients! Click here to download.
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