How to raise your prices successfully?
Raising the prices is not a very easy thing for many lash artists. And we all have the same fears. Have my competitors raised their prices? What if my clients would think that I am arrogant? What if I lose all of my clients? In this article we will tell you how to banish these silly ideas and how to raise prices effectively.
When should you raise prices?

You completed a new educational course

A lash artist's path to success involves much education. A good lash course is not a very cheap thing. Therefore, as you increase your knowledge and stand as a trendsetter, you should feel justified after raising your prices.

You are overbooked

If you are booked for 2-3 weeks, you definitely need to raise your price. Some clients will be forced to find a more budget-friendly artist but if you have a loyal clientele, you will free up your time to spend outside of your business, but still make the same amount of money.

You wanna attract more high-paying clients

You desire to work with clients who would pay you more and value your work more? You have enough skills and education? Then we see no obstacles to raising your prices!

Your lash supplier has increased their prices

Even if the quality of your works hasn't changed markedly but you now spend more money on products for lash extension, you definitely should change your pricelist.
How to raise prices?

It shouldn't be a surprise for your clients

No one likes bad surprises, especially when it's about money. So don't shock your customers with a sudden price increase right after the procedure. Instead, prepare the ground for change! The best way to inform your clients about price changes is social media. Drop a post and a series of stories on Instagram or shoot an email newsletter explaining to your clients why you do it and when a new price list will be relevant. We recommend doing it at least 2 weeks before the price changes. Be polite and confident.

Start with a small segment

You're afraid of losing all of your clients? We've got a life hack! Limit the change only to new customers for some time. It would not only help you test how new customers respond to your prices but also increase loyalty among your existing customers. Announce the dates from when your new prices will come into effect and encourage customers to book the appointment. It would not only increase your income but also prepare your loyal clients for the price hike.

Offer something new at a higher price

Add a new service. If you haven't taken volume lashes, or only do hybrid lashes, adding full volume, mega volume, men lash extension, ombre effect etc. can give you the opportunity to offer your client something new, which is also at a higher price point.

If you have doubts whether you should raise your prices or not, ask yourself - will you be charging the same price in 6 months, a year, 2, 5 years from now? If the answer is no, then why not make a small change now? Using these tips can help you avoid client confusion when raising your lash service prices.

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