6 great ways to make extra money if you are a lash artist
You do lashes and you wanna increase your income? That's a good target to set!
In this article you'll find the ways how to stand out from the crowd, boost your clients happiness and earn more money!
Offer more lash services

Men lash extension, colored and ombre lashes, mega volume lashes… and the list goes on and on! Learn new techniques, know the trends, research what your competitors offer and broaden your price list. You should motivate your clients to try something new!
Why do many people choose lash extensions instead of mascara? Because they want to save some time in the morning. You can help them save even more time by offering brow shaping. Brow shaping is a great service to add on at the end of lash extension procedure to help finish off the look. This doesn't always have to be a full brow wax, but even a quick tweeze and trim can work wonders!
Lips treatment
There are some products, like collagen lip masks that will moisturize your customer's lips. You can do this as an add-on to your lash application. And they are very easy to use! It will probably take you about two minutes to apply the mask and then you leave it there for about 10 to 15 minutes. This will increase your ticket price by about $5 to $15.
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Offer Product Samples

After the procedure of lash extension offer your clients free product samples. It may be mini eyelash extension safe mascara wands or lash shampoo, whatever. Not only will they enjoy trying out new products from a lash professional, but it may encourage them to return and try more products. Once they see how effective and useful your products are, they'll definitely want more!
Offer useful products for your clients

You've done an express facial that took you 20 minutes, you've finished your lash service and you tell a client, "By the way, if you want to maintain your skin or lash care routine at home, I highly recommend these products." Choose truly effective face products that really work. It's very important because if your clients realize that you just wanted to make extra money from them, they will never come back to you.

However, we all need skin care treatment. The worst thing that could happen in this situation is they can respond, "No, thank you." But, at least you tried to offer them something new and valuable.
Hand massage

At the end of your lash service consider giving your clients a hand massage to help them relax. Watch some tutorials on YouTube or find massage courses, practice on your friends and relatives and add it to your price list. A hand massage with a bit of peppermint essential oil is great to help allow your clients to fully relax into the bed. Give a few moments to each hand ensuring you fully massage the wrist to the fingertips. Hand massage with exfoliant is also a great way to help enhance your client's service. Take a small bit of your favorite exfoliant and rub it into the dry skin. Then place a warm, steamed towel over the hand and allow it to sit up to 5 minutes. Finish with a nice hand lotion.
Provide lash courses for beginners

That is another great way to boost your income. If you're a professional lash artist with impressive experience and you're confident that you're capable of teaching students, then providing training programs can be an option for you. Not all types of trainings require certificates such as refreshers. Strat small. Go for simple courses focusing on a particular lashing aspect (mapping, fan forming, styling effects, etc). Although hosting group trainings may be a bit difficult in pandemic situations, you can consider doing educational classes one-on-one or even online!
We've only listed a few ideas here, but there are endless ways to earn extra money. Always remember your time is valuable. Think outside the box, come up with different ideas! This will help you grow your lash business.

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