How to work with lash glue in hot weather?
Summer has finally come! What does it mean? Vacations, music festivals, picnics… However, for lash artists there are some important changes — changes to your adhesive performance. Many lash artists face the same problem: a lash glue suddenly behaves differently and reacts to any little changes in the environment. Temperature and humidity during the treatment directly affect the polymerization process of the adhesive. Here you'll find the best tips for working with adhesives during hot days.
What is humidity and now to monitor it?

Humidity is a measure of the amount of water vapor in the air. Relative humidity measures the amount of water in the air in relation to the maximum amount of water vapor (moisture). The higher the temperature, the more water vapor the air can hold. Temperature is a much more noticeable factor here. We're more likely to notice if the temperature changes by two degrees than if the humidity changes by 5%. That's why a hygrometer is a must-have in a lash artist's kit. This essential device measures the temperature and humidity in your room.
A hygrometer from Amazon ($6)
In order to measure your humidity, let the device read the room for an hour and take note of the numbers. For best results, do this three times a day for two days.

Afterwards, add the six percentages together, then divide by 2. This is how you can find average relative humidity (ARH).

The ideal humidity level for applying eyelash extensions is between 50-60%. Too much or too little humidity will, at best, make the lashing process more difficult. In worst cases, it can negatively affect the retention of the lash extension and ruin the lash look you're trying to achieve.
When the humidity of your lash room is too high

First of all, let's discuss what happens when the humidity is more than 60%. The adhesive may cure before you attach the extension to the natural lash. Moreover, the adhesive may not completely cover the extension, resulting in bumps, clumps, and weakened retention.

Best tips for high humidity:

  • Ventilate the room often (We recommend ventilating the room before the treatment because it can influence the eyelash extensions glue during the work.)

  • Use the air-conditioner to lower the humidity of the air.

  • Try a slower lash glue.

  • Order a dehumidifier (These machines absorb moisture in the air and can make a huge difference when it comes to regulating humidity levels.)

  • Release 2-3 glue drops together onto your adhesive surface instead of the usual single drop so that it stays workable for a longer time while also being more protected.

  • Change glue drop more often.
When the humidity of your lash room is too low

In some areas, hot summer months means increasing dryness, which can really slow down adhesive drying and curing speeds.

Best tips for low humidity:

  • Order a humidifier to control humidity level

  • Place wet cotton pads on your client's cheeks and secure them with a bit of paper tape to bring moisture to the area around the eyes.

  • Try a faster curing adhesive

  • Hang a wet towel in your lash room

  • Place a container with water/ice cubes near the work area.
General tips for best working result in hot days (for any type of humidity)

  • Be sure to monitor the temperature and humidity in the room with a hygrometer.

  • Order AC to control the temperature.

  • Air your lash room regularly.

  • Use a cold stone or any other cold surface to put a bottle and a palette of glue on it.

  • Keep the glue in a dark dry and cool place and do not allow direct sunlight to fall on the bottle and the stick with glue.
Perfect conditions for RQL lash adhesives

Finding your true love eyelash glue may take time, but when you find one, you'll never want to break up.

If you have all of these glues, you're ready for any environmental conditions, volumes and colors. King glue works better in high humidity, Queen glue - in low humidity, and Princess is ideal for color lash extension.
RQL lash adhesives
King glue
Black King glue has low viscosity, which is suitable for classic extension or for beginners in volume extension. It works ideally at a humidity rate of 45-75%.
Queen glue
Black Queen glue is great for classics, volume, and hypervolume. A glue drop keeps its shape perfectly, which allows the fan to maintain an excellent appearance. It works ideally at a humidity rate of 35-65%.
Russian glue
Russian Glue, a true bestseller among all our adhesives, works best for volumes and mega volumes. Super fast, suitable for professionals. It works ideally at a humidity rate of 50-75%.
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