Hot to run a perfect lash consultation for your clients?
If you, as a lash artist, wanna make your clients happy with their lashes, professional consultations before and after the procedure are key. That way, you can see an idea of what the client desires to get with but also set reasonable expectations before having their lashes done. A good consultation is the first step to get a new client.
Online consultations

We recommend starting with an online pre-consultation to ensure that they are a good candidate for lash extensions. What do we mean by saying "good candidate?" First of all, check whether they have any allergies to adhesives, whether they wear glasses or contacts, and whether they have unusually sensitive eyes. Read here about all the contraindications for doing lashes. When you have realized that the client is a good candidate, your next step is to book an appointment and provide an offline consultation to find out what kind of look they want to get.
Find out about your client's lifestyle

If your client spends lots of time playing sports or exercising, a mega volume look might not be suitable as there will be more chance of excessive shedding. An outdoorsy client might be looking for something with less hassle. The goal is for the lashes to look glamorous but natural.
Discuss the best look for each client

Next, determine what eye shape your client has. Choose the right lash map to correct any imperfections and enhance their beauty.

After that, check for any damage in the lash line and take photos of their natural lashes for your record (you can also use them for your social media), making sure to measure their natural lashes to determine which lengths will be safe to use. Don't forget to explain every step of the process to your clients! Try not to use professional slang and to be sensitive regarding any imperfections.

How to choose the right lash effect? Read here.
Fill out client's profile

We highly recommend keeping a record of clients' procedures. Use your notes, initial impressions, and any other information to record what effect, length, thickness were used so it can be repeated or adjusted next time if necessary.
Aftercare tips (very important!)

What should you tell a client after the procedure in order to maximize the lifespan of the eyelash extensions?

  • Washing the eyelashes regularly.

  • No cosmetics containing oils.

  • Not rubbing their eyes and washing off the cosmetics slowly.

  • Brushing not only hair, but also eyelashes!

  • Why it is dangerous to remove eyelash extensions on their own.

  • Don't forget to warn them against sleeping with their face down in the pillow (even if it's their favorite sleeping position)

Of course, a client won't remember all your recommendations after leaving the lash room. We have a ready-made solution! Printed aftercare tips for your clients! Click here to download.
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