Cluster Lashes vs Lash Extensions
The lash industry has come a long way — from weird clusters (actually fringe trims glued to a thread in the beginning of the 20th century) to modern high-level eyelash extensions. Let's have a closer look at the differences between cluster lashes and eyelash extensions!
What are cluster lashes?

Cluster lashes (also known as party lashes) are a collection of individual lashes that are glued at one end with quite a thick and heavy base, whereas lash extensions are made from synthetic fibers and can come as either a singular lash or as premade fans with a number of lashes joined together.
Cluster eyelashes from Amazon
Cluster lashes were popular when eyelash extensions first appeared many years ago. Unfortunately, many lash artists had no idea how the natural lashes could be damaged by cluster lashes. And surprisingly, some beauty studios still use cluster lashes, but the practice is becoming less and less popular.
How do cluster lashes differ from lash extensions and premade fans?

Unlike lash extensions, cluster lashes should never be slept in and not be worn for more than a day. The way they are applied (often touching the skin), their weight, and their size make it dangerous for the natural lashes to wear for a long period of time. Moreover, they should be applied with a temporary glue, which will not hold much longer than 24-48 hours anyway.

A typical lash appointment starts with a good consultation so that you can look closely at your clients' appearance and choose the best lash effect and a lash map to assess their personal needs.

However, using cluster lashes it's almost impossible. They run the risk of having an unnatural appearance as they might not look exactly alike.
Cluster lashes vs Lash extensions
If we compare the prices of lash extensions and cluster lashes, it will probably be the only winning point for clusters. It depends on the brand but these can be as cheap as $5. The price is much lower mostly because they last much less time on clients and take only some minutes to apply. Although, as we mentioned before, cluster lashes are much more dangerous for your clients' health. And now you will see why.
5 reasons why cluster lashes are unsafe for your clients

  • Cluster lashes tend to be applied to more than one natural lash at a time because of the thick base. As the natural lashes grow out, they can be pulled out. This can lead to permanent loss of natural lashes over time.

  • When cluster lashes are applied, it requires a lot of glue. This glue may obstruct the hair follicles, making it hard for natural lashes to grow properly.

  • Cluster lash extensions prevent natural lashes from shedding normally, resulting in bacterial infections.

  • Cluster lashes are far too heavy to be supported by the natural lash without causing damage.

  • When cluster lashes are usually put on incorrectly and the risk of touching the skin is very high, which may cause further damage to the eyes in the long run.
As a lash technician, it goes without saying that you should never use cluster lashes on a client! Cluster lashes may give rise to health problems and that is your task to educate your clients about the huge differences between these two types of lashes. You should convince them that lash extensions are better for those who want to wake up every day with perfect eyelashes. And if they really want to get beautiful long eyelashes, lash extensions are worth every penny.