Eyelash extension aftercare importance

The procedure of eyelash extension takes, on average, around 2-3 hours. But it doesn’t mean that your clients can completely forget about their eyelashes until the next visit.

There is no doubt that the quality of services depends mainly on the lash artist’s professionalism and the quality of products used. But the aftercare treatment, which also affects the duration of eyelash extension, falls on your client’s shoulders. It’s not only preferable but also necessary to wash the eyelash extensions properly twice a day. Let’s find out why!

What does poor hygiene of eyelashes lead to?
The lack of regular care for eyelash extensions causes the collection of dead skin cells, make-up residues, and the buildup of sebum. At best, it will turn into dirt accumulation on your client’s lashes which won’t be very easy to clean. And at worst, it may be a reason for the declining health of natural eyelashes, their slower regrowth, and even the infection called “blepharitis”.
Blepharitis is an inflammation of the eyelids causing red, irritated, itchy eyelids and the formation of dandruff-like scales on eyelashes. You’ll agree that it’s not the result a client expects to get after the procedure of eyelash extension, won’t you?
Besides, we all have microscopic eyelash mites (Demodex) that live on the follicles of our eyelashes. Proper cleaning and regular maintenance will help prevent them from clumping up and spreading on lashes.
The minerals and vitamins that eyelashes receive from blood capillaries and endocrine glands affect their growth and health, but don’t forget about the supply of oxygen through the skin surface. Not getting enough of it, due to the accumulated dirt, eyelashes begin to die and to fall out at even the slightest contact with a tweezer.

Will the eyelash extensions fall out during washing?
In short, no, they won’t. It has been at least a decade since the lashing industry has developed and grown into creating lashing adhesives that are waterproof and don’t even weaken after contact with moisture.

How to wash eyelash extensions?
The most convenient way is to use a foam cleanser. A client can prepare it at home by mixing water and baby hypoallergenic shampoo in a ratio of 1 to 5, then he/she should apply a thick layer on the eyelashes and rinse them thoroughly.
Moreover, we recommend using the RQL special brush. It is soft, but durable, with a unique comfortable shape that allows to wash out even the smallest particles of dirt!

We hope that this article proved to be useful for you. Don’t forget that for your clients’ health and safety, it is your job to educate them about the dangerous myth that it is counter-productive to wash eyelash extensions and encourage them to carefully wash their lashes twice a day!
Stay healthy!

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