Answers to your FAQs
What are RQL lashes made of?
Our premium-quality lashes are made of hypoallergenic monofilament. The lashes are very soft, have a deep rich color and a special structure which lets you make your ideal fans with hands and from the lash strip.
Does RQL glue contain latex?
Our adhesives contain no latex, so they are perfect to use for clients with lens, sensitive under eye skin and latex allergie.
How long does shipping take?
Shipping to European countries takes 1-3 business days, shipping to South and North Americas takes up to 4 business days.
What causes allergies?
Human body is unpredictable, so the allergic reaction may show up after any extension product from primer to eye patches. But this occurs rather rarely (less than 1%). The strongest irritant is an adhesive. The main component of any adhesive is a substance called cyanoacrylate (90-98% of any glue components). This substance is very acrid, has a strong smell as a result of the adhesive fumes.
What is the shelf life of adhesives?
Adhesives' shelf life directly depends on the storage! The most important thing is to keep glue tightly closed in a dark dry room away from direct sun rays, with the temperature under 68 Fahrenheit. With water ingress, glue starts to harden, that's why some lash stylists put their adhesive into a bowl of rice because rice absorbs liquids. If you follow all the storage rules, your glue will be in a good condition up to 2 months.
What's the difference between RQL adhesives?
Queen glue is a black adhesive which is perfect for classic, volume and mega volume extension. Glue drop keeps its shape and lets a fan look very neat.
King glue is a black adhesive with low viscosity, perfect for classic extension or for beginners in volume extension.
Princess glue is a light unpigmented adhesive. Since it contains no pigments, this glue rarely causes allergies or individual intolerance.
Russian glue is a super fast black adhesive with the setting time of 0.5 seconds. An ideal choice for experienced volume and mega volume lash artists.