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How to make a great camera out of your smartphone
Light sources review, basic light schemes
Best angles for picturing lashes
How to edit you photos in 30 seconds
How to easily edit your photos
What are presets and how to use them
Mobile apps for photo editing (step-by-step guides)
Mobile apps for video editing
How to individually edit your works to be different from others
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You can't be a regular lash tech now - it's not enough. You have to stay on top of trends, know how to promote your services to attract new clients and develop your business.
Reason №3: Take it easy!
Learn how to minimize your editing time and still get a gorgeous result. As you're a lash stylist, your main focus is your work ;)
Marina Larskaya
Class author,
ideologist and RQLashes owner

Her career path started with photography in 2003.
Before she completely dove into the lash world, she was a professional photographer.

"I've always adored art and visual effects in art that's why even as a school girl I had a fancy for photography. For a long while I had no money for a good reflex camera so I had to do my best with a regular cheap digicam. That's when I understood that a beautiful photo required good light and that post-processing can do wonders with a picture.

Some time later my love for photography transformed into profession, which was a perfect job for a student to earn money and have flexible hours. When I was 20, I set up my own photo studio of fashion and beauty photography. I have several covers of local glossy mags and 3 personal exhibitions in my track record."

Every student gets an individual certificate on the class completion over e-mail!