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Due to the current situation in the world we unfortunately have to postpone the international sales. Please add your email in the form below so we let you know when we resume the sales. Thank you for understanding and be safe!
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We have created our brand based on our own experience, and we have gone a huge way from the home-working master to the network of salons and our brand international academy. We teach our students the latest technologies in the field of eyelash extension and work out our own solutions that help the master to work faster and better. We created a line of premium materials under the brand Russian Queen Lashes.

RQLashes is not just a brand, but the real quintessence of our experience in the eyelash extension industry, combined with the latest innovations and unique style. It makes the process of master's work more convenient, while making the results more expressive, looking better among the competitors, which increases the flow of grateful and happy customers. RQL is the choice of professionals aimed for perfection.