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Advanced training for experienced lash stylists
Advanced training for experienced lash stylists
Turn your knowledge about lashes upside down!

You can get the lashes wet right after the procedure!

You can extend with 16D volume without damage!

You can easily create the Ombré effect without ombré lashes!

And all of these you will learn at our Lash Alchemy course which includes volume and megavolume extension techniques. You will learn about exclusive extension techniques by Marina Larskaya and Kate Kondrat, about working with colored lashes and lash decor.

We will reveal all secrets of lash extension champions!
Works of our students after Lash Alchemy course. You can do it, too!
Different ways of mixing the curls and length. Working with lash layers.
6 styling effects
Smooth top lash line or wispy lashes
Diagonal extension technique by Kate Kondrat
Calculation of max volume for a natural lash
The Ombré effect by Marina Larskaya
Megavolume extension. "Twin Pin" technique
The Makeup effect by Marina Larskaya
Fan types for volume and megavolume. Ways of fan making
The Highlights effect
Color usage. Color wheel explanation
Lash decor: rhinestones, bullion, star dust
How to pop up a natural eye color
Secrets of lash champions
- Beauty business expert
- Nominee for the NALA award in the "Mentor" category 2018
- Nominee for TOP-50 educators by Lash Inc 2019

- 3 University degrees
- CEO, founder of the high quality product line RUSSIAN QUEEN LASHES
- Executive manager of the International Academy Russian Queen Lashes
- Award winner in "Business" category at LASH BEAUTY AWARDS (Moscow, Russia, 2014)

- Creator of ombre & makeup techniques in lash extension
- Author of multistage training programs of lash extension for beginners and masters

- Trained over 1000 people in 25 countries from Australia to America

Active speaker and judge at international lash&brow conferences and championships.

Frequently published author for lash magazines: LASHLETTER (Germany), CilMag (France), LASHSTYLIST (Netherlands), LASHS! (Mexico), Lash-Ed (UK)
Our courses are 3 times more effective than any other!
High-quality education
5 hours of theory
and 6 hours of practice!
Support AFTER the training
Communication with a trainer.
Online access to the tutorials.
Class pays off in 4 weeks
We teach you how to find clients and promote your service in social media.
Individual approach
Small groups. Intensive interaction with a trainer during practice.
Materials supply
Tutorials and consumables are included.
We help you to find models for your work.
Trainers with international experience
We know more than others.
Only relevant information and facts!
Tutorial, 2 certificateS AND PRODUCT KIT
Every student gets an exclusive tutorial book and 2 certificate in Russian and English languages.

Our Academy is well-known and respected around the globe. If you choose to relocate to another country, you'll easily find a job there because you'll have an International Academy certificate.

Also every student will receive a product kit which includes: 2 tweezers (curved and straight), lash glue (clear), 2 trays of colored lashes, 3 trays of brown lashes, 1 tray of ombre lashes. All products for the practical part during the class will be provided as well.